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Thoughtful funeral planning to reflect your unique life 

                                        About Us


Irene Lis, founder of Your Life Commemorated, is a licensed Funeral Director with an MBA and a Certified Human Resources Leader (CHRL) designation.  Irene has 30 years of business, human resources and people management experience and enjoys working with people.  Making a difference in clients’ lives is the reward that fuels Irene’s passion to transfer her skills and knowledge as an HR consultant to serve a broader group of clients through Your Life Commemorated


So few people understand the funeral options available to them and the enormous opportunity that we each have to own and design a funeral that truly reflects us as individuals.  This lack of knowledge results in the unfortunate typical “mass production” funerals that most of us attend where the events are so nondescript that without the name of the deceased printed somewhere it could be anybody’s funeral.


YLC helps you explore your options and develop a plan that is as unique as you.  Irene acts strictly as an independent advisor and does not sell any funeral related products or services nor does she represent any funeral establishment.  She will assist you with the development of a personalised written plan - free of any limitations and “pre-payment” pressures of a typical funeral establishment.  You will be investing in the development of an authentic commemoration of life plan that will, when the time comes, be appreciated by family/executor who will be relieved of the burden of guessing your wishes and will also leave lasting memories for your loved ones.


Contact us for more information or to book an appointment.  We look forward to being of assistance!