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Thoughtful funeral planning to reflect your unique life 

Helping You Help Your Loved Ones


Taking the time to ensure your plans fully represent how you want your life commemorated - to reflect your personal values, interests, experiences, special qualities, passions, hobbies, cherished memories – is a great gift that you provide loved ones. 


Just as having a will developed for your material goods ensures that your wishes will be respected, so will having a commemoration plan.


Having your final wishes known:

  • gives your family and friends the opportunity to laugh, cry, grieve and say a final goodbye in a memorable way
  • eases the burden on loved ones by:
    • relieving them from making important decisions during a period of grief and stress
    • eliminating “emotional” decisions, second-guessing, feeling pressured, financially or otherwise
    • providing them peace of mind knowing that your wishes were respected
    • ensuring that money is spent according to your wishes, likely saving thousands of dollars that could be spent under pressure absent the benefit of knowing your wishes


The benefits of planning in advance are significant.  The advantage of time allows you to explore all options so that ultimately you can decide what is best for you.  After all, who knows more about your wishes than you?