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Thoughtful funeral planning to reflect your unique life 

Your Life is Unique

and should be commemorated in a way that truly reflects this uniqueness.


The driving principle of Your Life Commemorated is the belief that every person deserves to have their life commemorated in a way that is meaningful for them.   The current “one size fits all” funeral approach does a huge disservice to the unique life of every person.  Whether you choose to have a “traditional” funeral or a personalised “celebration of life” event should be entirely your decision, not one that is thrust upon you.  You decide what is “right” for you.


While the “traditional funeral” (visitation, religious service, interment) may still be appropriate for some, many people are opting for a “celebration of life” as a more positive and memorable way to honour the person and the life lived.


Celebrations of life events can take on many forms and activities and be held at almost any venue. From intimate to lively, simple to elaborate, the options are endless.  Celebrations of life events are personal expressions of your love and life that allows for a memorable “goodbye”.


We plan for all of the important events in our life such as birthdays, graduations, religious celebrations, anniversaries, weddings, retirements.  For each, we put a lot of time and effort into planning the celebration, down to the last detail, in order to create a memorable event.  Why should the final important event of our life - our “funeral” - be any different?


Taking the time to define how you would like your life commemorated and the memories that you would like to leave your loved ones and friends ensures a legacy that they will remember forever and will help them grieve in a positive way.